Aircell – the innovative packaging

Last April I had the chance to meet during International Wine Show in Prague the team from Leski s.r.o. The firm is very young, 2016, and so its founders, young  and determined. They introduced me to the Aircell packaging system. Not new, as I already saw something similar on the market, but for sure this one was an improved version, smaller and easier to use.

Lena, one of the owners, was telling me that the idea came after years of receiving online bought products in badly wrapped boxes. She was determined to find a new way to offer a better service and also a pleasant experience when shipping goods. She was saying that “..half of the excitement stays in unwrapping and it was becoming frustrating that each  time the first impression was spoiled by the packaging itself…”

Together with some friends they started the reasearch for perfection. Investigating they’ve learned that attractive protective packaging has a positive impact on human emotion and even more on the product perception. Moreover, they understood that there was a growing consumer desire for convenience ans sustainability. They set the goal to find a solution, which would be both appealing for customers as well as economically advantageous for businesses. They didn’t stop and after a few months the’ve come across the Aircell packaging envelopes which gave them the satisfaction of having the advantages they were looking for: the best protection on the market, modern, easy-to-use, cost-efficient and environment friendly.

Aircell reveals to be a great solution to the wine industry (wineries, wine shops, e-commerce, etc) combining attractive packaging and protective materials. Aircell is considered to be “smart” for its large use in the protection of electronic equipment, cosmetics, souvenirs, books, toys, etc. Its product adaptability is quite high. In a word it has it all and it also gives the chance of customization  🙂

Their main office is in the Czech Republic, which is responsible for the Czech and Slovak markets. Currently they have their representatives in Germany and Austria. Soon the Aircell packaging will be available in Italy too, but meanwhile they do only direct shipping.

I really enjoyed meeting them as to me they are good examples of the new generation of entrepeneurs, which focus on quality, service and finding the solution that best suits their clients needs.

Lena and her collegues will be more than happy to discuss with you about your own needs and see how you could get the best out of Aircell. Please feel free to contact them for more details and when you have a chance  give a closer look to their website

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