New Zeeland’s best!

This morning I was watching a video on youtube of Jancis Robinson about the story of Cloudy Bay and I was thinking how much can change life a good decision, seeing the opportunity and following it. An australian discovering and beliving in the potential of the New Zeeland’s Sauvignon Blanc. What a challenge!

I’m admiring this new wine industry which tried ( and succeded) to transform in such a short period an entire business sector. They are now keen to change the consumer perceptions and be seen as one of the fine wine producing countries as well. They are working on strategies to maximise their unique qualities and to promote their points of diffrence.

The vineyard area almost triplled  from 1970 and switched from Chardonnay to Sauvignon Blanc and Pinto Noir. The winemakers take advantage of the long sunshine hours and consistent summer temperatures to raise grapes that otherwise cannot make it and obtain an optimal ripeness. Another important factor is the important diurnal range due to the sunny days and cool nights that help achieve a natural level of acidity and ripe fruit flavours. The sparkling wines are becoming increasingly renowed world wide and this is just the start.

During the 3rd level of Wset I had the pleasure to taste only the Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir, even though I am still chassing the Sauvignon Blanc!

It was a great experience …. Clear, pale ruby with leg evidence, clean with pronounced intensity of aromas of strawberries, cherries, spices and eucaliptus  which are developing. On the plate is dry, with high acidity, high alcohol (14,5% abv), medium + body and a pronounced intenstity of flavours with a long finish.

A nice round  wine with a broad bouquet of ripe strawberries, cherries, wild flowers, spices and some hints of eucaliptus both on the nose and palate. It is a balanced with an elegant and incredible long finish which seems to last forever. It was good now, but it has all it takes to be delightful for the next 5 years or more. It is quite expensive at €32, but I think it worths all of them.

The next in line was also from Malborough, but made by Fernway. A pleasant example of a refreshing young mid priced Sauvignon Blanc. Clear, pale lemon with watery rim; clean with medium + aroma intensity of passion fruit, asparagus and tomato leaf, goosberry, green pepper and some citrus notes. Still young it had a refreshing petillance. It was dry, high in acidity, medium alcohol (12,00% abv), medium body with a nice pleasant finish. In the mouth was of medium + intensity and above all the aromas mentioned above it was quite impressive the minerality. A very good wine overall, with an very affordable price point around €10 on the italian market.




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