Piemonte #Diano D’Alba #Fratelli Aimasso winery

I had the chance to meet Luca Aimasso two years ago at Vinitaly. He runs a handicraft family business in the middle of Piemonte and at the first possibility I went to visit him (http://www.aimasso.com).

We got lost on the road to the winery, we had to ask a lot, but finally we reached the goal. Endless hills of vines and roses. If you are searching peace here it the right place to be…I loved every single minute!

IMG_1284    IMG_1280    IMG_1281    IMG_1292

“The estate is in the municipality of Diano d’Alba, a small town in the Langhe, with a population of about 3,000. It has recently been renovated to allow better care and the strictest, most meticulous control of quality during every phase of the vinification process.The Estate is now run by Luca, Lorenzo’s son, together with his Uncle Giusep¬pe, and they vinify almost all of their production, looking towards a bigger and different market which is capable of discovering and appreciating the qualities of these excellent grape varieties and the wines made from them. All wines are obtained exclusively with grapes produced around the company itself which
have a surface of 8 hectares cultivated mainly at vineyards. The productive capacity is about 50.000 bottles.”

Luca showed us the surroundings, told the story of the company, the winemaking style You can see the passion in his eyes. He received this gift from his father and let me say that he is doing a great job! He explained how tannin ripeness and managment are critical concerns in the vineyard. He is ageing the reds in big oak casks to give the chance to the tannins to soften and achieve a richer style of wine.

IMG_1291      IMG_1294      IMG_1296      IMG_1297

I’m a red wine girl so we’ve tasted only the best 🙂 . We’ve tasted his great wines, medium priced but of an excellent value. Pure Nebbiolo with its lightly-color and high tannin and acidity which enables it to develop in bottle for years… Barole Brunate one of the world’s greatest wine, Nebbiolo D’Alba, Diano D’Alba and Barbera (with its high acidity and low tannin, has a affinity for the oak that Nebbiolo can never reach). One can taste the complexity and feel the body; long aftertaste with a pleasant mouthfeel of delicate fruit;

We cannot wait to go back…. Good job Luca! Keep it that way!

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