Romania – from a tourist point of view :)

Last year in November I went back home with a couple of dutch friends. It was the most incredible trip in my own country  I’ve ever experienced. It’s great to be a tourist in Romania! It has so many wonderful things to offer from spectacular views to good food and wine.

It was a very intense week-end. Thanks God we weren’t there by car…or at least we weren’t driving! you will see why….

It all started with the dinner at “Caru cu bere” in the historical centre of Bucharest. The right place to be if you like the beer and want to try the traditional romanian dishes..lot of meat and much more beer!!!! Very typical and crowdy  where if you are lucky may see how romanian party …lot of fun, music and dance. Yes people we dance…a little music and we stad up an move (


Next day we went to visit Aurelia Visinescu’s winery near Dealul Mare, Buzau. Not such a nice day to travel, but a great view and a wonderful host. She  told us a lot about  how they opened the firm and she showed us around. She is the winemaker and you can see a part of her reflected in the products.

10429279_10204269819659736_6203019909688637312_n     10689955_10204269820299752_2007611335653366956_n     1796600_10204269819979744_6227797892406927098_n

Her wines are intense, rich, full bodied yet elegant and feminin. We had the best tasting ever of romanian native grapes…for me it was a first! Of course I must’ve drunk before some local wines, but never with this new awaness.

13026_10204269821019770_785635438084506140_n       dracula     10676127_10204269820539758_7078640887877618035_n       15804_10204269820819765_5831254985163658392_n

We stayed 4 hours tasting, talking and learnig a lot about Romania. I was so proud of our country thanks to her. She is such a worker and never gives up. (

We continued our trip to Brasov to Dracula’s Castel. It was inevitabil since we were near by.

10440706_10204269825539883_7665432284958509095_n     10245346_10204269825019870_7889845108498363401_n     10636224_10204269824459856_7915277604848036213_n     10649984_10204269825699887_1266401692098862345_n

then we went to see the Peles Castel on the same Prahova Valley and the center of Brasov. We’ve made 400 km in less than 16 hours!

1891287_10204269821739788_6848116678945741592_n         10734273_10204269842060296_1905412801987654405_n

We had lunch at Cabana Vanatorilor in Predeal with delicate game meat (wild boar, deer, bear, pheasant) and great wine…. (

10431672_10204269838700212_4119027276144500736_n     9774_10204269839660236_3869997436769504485_n     1392013_10204269885181374_2555397243871892723_n       150120_10204269885421380_4815607379605407170_n

In the end we arrived in Bucharest…tired, but sooo happy. We continued the experience in one the most fashionable restaurants. It’s run by a Michellin Star Dutch Chef and it was wonderful surprise. All the food was great, a interesting presentation, he is he soul of the restaurant …cooks and has the time to come and talk with the clients. The very best in the center of the town. We had another great tasting, each plate was served with the matched wine. (

10358862_10204269848700462_8279732077917176262_n       10458804_10204269879301227_6690096481772908612_n     10451688_10204269880701262_2135588568167518272_n    1456013_10204269880221250_6240162031960381633_n

1392013_10204269885181374_2555397243871892723_n        1464697_10204269884941368_8568582137895178587_n      10173638_10204269884421355_2547060003505878996_n     10698665_10204269883501332_1500183715276170764_n

It was the perfect end for the perfect trip. I need to thank everybody for this incredible advventure, for giving me the chance to see my country with diffrent eyes. It’s true what they say that the wine brings people togheter! Cheers!

ps Visit Romania! It’s a nice place to be….and of course Drink wine! Discover the people and let them tell you their stories.


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